Georgian Food

So some of you have been asking me about the food in Georgia, therefore I have decided to share my food experience with you all!

Before I get into detail, let me tell you that I never for once thought that I would fall in love with Georgian food so much that once I get back to Dubai I would miss it and decide to make them myself!

Our guide, Sophie, made sure we had the most authentic taste of Georgian food, which I was really happy about (clearly 🙂 ). Georgian and Indian food share a similarity- SPICES & HERBS! Most of their home-made dishes are rich in spices and herbs, hence very aromatic and  flavorful. Also, Georgian’s are meat lovers. Almost all their dishes contain meat. In fact, one of their national dish is a meat dish, called Khinkali. Khinkali, is basically, juicy dumplings stuffed with minced meat such as lamb, beef or pork along with various herbs. It is consumed by first taking a bite and sucking in the juice in order to prevent the essence of the stuffing to spill out.

I know what you vegetarians are thinking, nothing for you? Of course not! Georgia has got some equally tantalizing vegetarian dishes as well. Our guide introduced us to some of the best vegetarian dishes where one of the dishes has a combination I had never imagined. Aubergine ( eggplant) with walnut! This dish became my ultimate favourite! It is locally called Badridzhani Nigvsit.  Any guesses on what the secret ingredient in this could be? I will give you a hint- it is a flower. Rose? Nope. Another try! No idea? It is dried marigold. That’s right. This flower is commonly used in walnut based dishes and sauces in order to enhance the color and provide earthy taste to the dishes ( Source: Georgian Recipes ). Accompaniment for fresh home-baked Georgian bread can be Lobio Qotanshi ( boiled bean in clay pot) or Soko Ketze (mushrooms in frying pan).

The next dish which my taste-buds loved is called Khachapuri. Khachapuri is a look-alike of pizza, but usually stuffed with cheese. It is also said to be another national dish of Georgia. This flat-bread can be found with various other stuffing such as red-beans and potatoes.

Fish lovers can try fried trout with a sauce of their choice. Although, fish is not as significant as meat dishes in the traditional Georgian cuisine, this dish has a unique taste when had with Tkemali ( sour plum sauce).

Tkemali, is also best had with barbecued meat and fried potatoes.

Restaurants Visited

 Chela – Funicular Complex

The top most picture- Red Bean Khachapuri, Georgian Bread and Traditional Georgian Chicken Soup. Left bottom- Fried Potato with Ajika. Right bottom- Family sized fried potato.

Restaurant in Kazbegi 

A cute restaurant, located in the foothill of Kazbegi Mountain – not too far from the village of Stepantsminda. Welcomed by some really friendly Georgian mothers and just by the look of them you would know the food is going to be delicious! 🙂


A. Khinkhali, B. Cheese Khachapuri, C. Aubergine with Walnut, D. Fried Trout

Restaurant Thor in Borjomi 

I would call it a perfect-Christmas-spirited- restaurant. Warm and welcoming, playing Christmas songs in the background, the fireplace lit and the smell of freshly baked Georgian bread lingering in the air. Ah! it was a perfect way to enlighten ourselves into the Christmas mood. This restaurant also has a beautiful view of the snowy mountains in Borjomi.

Front view from the restaurant
Top Left- Aubergine with Walnut Stuffing, Top Right- Cheese Khachapuri, Bottom Left- Lobio Qotanshi ( Boiled bean in clay pot), Bottom Right- Soko Ketze (Mushrooms on clay frying pan)

When the table is placed with such delicious and authentic Georgian food, who can forget the Georgian Wine? 😉

Fresh home-made Georgian Wine and Tarragon Lemonade with some freshly baked Georgian Bread.

Please note, all the above pictures have been taken and edited further by me entirely for the blog. Any resemblance or similarities are not intentional and is purely coincidental. If you wish to use them for any commercial purpose, please email me at


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  1. Gaby says:

    I am actually interested in the “background” of your featured photo. They’ve got some lovely carpets and garments there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shores & Beyond says:

      Haha, Oh yes, that was displayed in one of the stalls in Old Tbilisi. It caught my eyes too. So it is actually a man dressed in Georgian costume and ready to have his ‘ Khinkhali’ with some wine. Georgia is also famous for its carpets which have a touch of Middle Eastern design. And the garments you see on the extreme left are actually scarfs made from fine wool. 🙂


      1. Gaby says:

        yes yes i really love the carpet. too bad i would not have room for such bulky stuff any chance i got there, lol.


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