About Me

β€œHome is not where you are born;
home is where all your attempts
to escape cease”

– Naguib Mahfouz

Hi, I am Lakshana, a travel and photography enthusiast. Currently based in Dubai and originally from India. I moved to Dubai, the city of gold and dreams at the age of 13 and embracing life on sand ever since then! This brought up a huge opportunity to travel within the beautiful country- United Arab Emirates and few other countries around the world. Furthering my passion and crave for travelling and eagerness to learn and work Β in the travel and tourism industry, I chose to study Tourism Management in Dubai.

What is Travelling to me?

Apart from just escaping the hustle-bustle life. Travelling to me is meditation- a necessity, it should be in its purest and authentic form. I love being one with the locals, experiencing their lifestyle and devouring the food made by the locals themselves.

Why photography?

I discovered my love for photography at the age of 17. It was one morning, when I decided to hold my dad’s Canon SX230 HS Powershot in my hand and start clicking away. Oh I fell in love, in love with photography. The notion of sharing the way one sees the world through their lens is something so special, I am sure the ones who love photography can resonate with that notion! I believe I have a lot more to learn in photography and the learning never stops.

What else should you know about me?

Dogs. My love for dogs. You would often find me mentioning about dogs in my blog. If you are not a dog person as some of my friends are not, then please bear with me! Β Apart from that, I love baking, origami, DIY projects- so DIY bloggers watch out for me! All of these are also my stress relievers.

Lastly, there is one among many notions I stand for- being a responsible traveler. As I cannot emphasize enough on how significant it is in today’s world, I hope you and I together can strive to be responsible travelers. πŸ™‚

And that’s about me, folks! So follow me as I take you around the beautiful streets and sands of Dubai, the country- UAE and the journeys I have been to across the world!